Monday, June 8, 2009

Canpaign Letter

Dear Mr.Congressman Serrano Sir,

I am Yasmerlin Paulino, a fourteen year old student at C.I.S. 339. I am writing to inform you, if you haven't already been informed of the terrible working circumstances some factory workers have to go through. Companies of many of Americas favorite shopping stores and brands are taking serious, cruel advantage of their employees.Companies such as Nike and Adidas, which happen to be extremely profitable are paying their poor employees close to the lowest that is legally possible in Indonesia. This means that people are being overworked, under payed and making less than 2 dollars a day. Most of the factory are also incredibly unsafe. Some employees have to work with machines that are capable of cutting their fingers of if they are not careful! It is very unfair to the poor children of these employees who have to spend so many hours without their parents and are probably always hungry, since a loaf of bread would be a treat at home.

I cannot make a change Mr.Congressman Serrano Sir, but you definitely can. These people need you to help them.They are afraid to stand up for themselves and lose their jobs. If that was to happen they would end up in slumps with the millions of people who are unemployed in Indonesia. So please Sir, have mercy.

yours truly,
Yasmerlin P.